So the veredict is…we GO! In 24 hours we’ll be at the airport getting ready to go to New York. And we are Oh So Excited!

And today we picked up Nathan’s DAFO’s and SWASH! They fit perfectly! We put them on and tried to get him to walk in them but he has to relearn how to move, as the braces made him lock his knees. I’m bummed that we are leaving and can’t start using them, but we’ll be back home and ready for them soon enough.

Anyways, I have to pack and get everything ready, so…bye for now!


  1. Hi – great to catch up with you. Missed your posts. Soory about the leaky gut diagnosis. But at least you have an anwer, and it’s fixable.
    Whatcha doing in NY?
    Hugs, Whit

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