Good & Bad news

Let’s get the bad news out of the way – Nathan has the flu. He had a fever so we took him right in and they did a nasal swab and confirmed that he has a flu. He’s being a trooper though and not complaining too much.

Now the Good news:

He started turning and reaching for toys! His motor skills are getting better, he is making an effort to turn, grab things, sit. His head and trunk control are better too, so it’s very exciting.

One of the beauties of having a “special” child is the immense appreciation for everything he does!

So we are ecstatic to see progress.

He even grabbed a pen when he was sitting with Owen working on the computer. Usually he just sits there…yesterday he grabbed the pen! It was so cute to watch his effort and concentration to make it happen. He is a very determined kid.

Anyways..we didn’t take pics of that..but I was so excited I wanted to share.

I am the king of the world!

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