I got back from the hospital last night, they were able to stop the preterm labor with a couple of shots and a mag drip, the kidney and bladder infections cleared, and my labs and numbers were so good that the doctor couldn’t justify keeping me another day.

So we’re finally all home together in LA!

Nathan is doing so well, happy back at school, enjoying his normal life, and most importantly, his daddy. Belle continues to entertain us all and cannot be pried away from her daddy’s arms. She’s so happy to be with him and is happy to be home, with her own toys, and her Cuca (Lucas). Yesterday she took a nap on our hammock in memory of her Colombian vacation.

And the baby, who now has a name, is safely tucked away inside me for hopefully at least another 2.5 months.

All is well that ends well 🙂


  1. WOW, hope you are doing ok. Been thinking about you the last couple days, praying everything was ok, wanted to ask about the baby but was scared to. Glad you are home and everyone is enjoying being home.

  2. So glad things are going well! Welcome home 🙂

  3. so glad you got to go home… a very good sign! praying that you’ll never need any preemie advice from me!! xx

  4. So glad to hear all is well. Welcome back!

  5. Cathy Jordan says

    Good news!

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