He did this over and over again, showing off his newly acquired skill. He did this after the first ABM intensive in February and then stopped, so it’s nice to see him doing it again, and more consistently this time. We’re so proud of you Nathan! It was so cute, he kept turning to his side and then looking at us and smiling, like he was saying, look mommy, I can do it!

I think the reflex integration therapy with the cold laser, combined with Anat Baniel Method, combined with ABR, combined with rolfng, is freeing him from infant reflexes and old neural patterns, giving him new information about his body, and strengthening his body to allow him to move a little bit more. How far can this get him? I have no idea. But he seems more in tune with his body, more in control, and is finally doing little new things every couple of days. And the key for me is: SUSTAINABILITY. Everything we’re doing right now is 100% sustainable. Hooray!

You can read more about the reflex work with the cold laser on the Quantum Reflex Integration site. I hope to do a more extensive post about this soon.

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