I’m sneaking a bit of computer time so I thought I’d post about something that’s been on my mind a lot in the last few days:


I realize for the past 2.5 years I’ve felt little gratitude, as I am always focused on the future, and on MORE MORE MORE. So even when Nathan has a little inchstone, I rejoice for a moment, and then look ahead at all the things he has to learn.

Today I declare – ENOUGH.

This whole week I’ve been focusing on gratitude instead. I feel grateful for every thing that led me to today. I feel grateful for all the people in my life. I am one lucky girl. I feel grateful that Nathan decided to pop into my womb. I feel grateful that he is alive. I feel grateful that we have wonderful people helping us in our journey. I feel grateful for the man in my life, how did I get so lucky to find him?

It’s VERY easy when you have a disabled child to forget about gratitude. Most of us always want more for our kids. But we forget to feel that gratittude and delight at the little things along the way.

And I’ve come to realize that it is upon the soil of gratitude that seeds of peace and happiness will sprout. Without gratitude we cannot be happy as our glass is never full. So I think we first need to feel grateful at everything and everyone in our lives, so we can truly feel happy and appreciate our lives.

Every morning I wake up and think of things I’m grateful for. I do this in the shower too. I do this during my yoga nidra break in the middle of the afternoon. And I do it before I go to sleep. And you know what…if you happen to read this, I reccommend that you try it. It is a lovely feeling.



  1. I will definitely will have to try that. I am stuff in the negative of stuff going on. Thanks

    Check your email later today I’ll be emailing you about Daniel’s augmentative device.

  2. I love what you just said. You have been saying so many eye-opening things in recent posts. I am trying this tonight! Happy Valentine’s to all of you.

    I am grateful every single day that Max is doing so much better than the doctors said he would.

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