Great News!

So, let’s start off with good news…

Regional Center approved our therapy proposal for Nathan! As of July 16th, he will start receiving 10 therapies / week: 4 of physical therapy, 2 of occupational therapy, 3 of child development, and 1 of vision.

It’s an intense schedule for a baby but we know it will benefit him tremendously!

We are excited and grateful that this has happened. Miraculous things seem to happen after we send out an email to people that have been praying for Nathan. Thank you for all of those who helped make this happen (especially, Dena, Julie, Masha, Dr. Feldman, and Merci).

As for other news…we went to our first RV camping tree this weekend. We all had a great time. We didn’t do much other than walk on the beach and chill.

I am going to create another post in Inchstones about a couple of new things that Nathan is doing.

In the meantime, here are some pics and videos:

OOps..mommy got caught in the act of giving me chocolate!

Reading a book at school

Looking cute in my new chair

Having fun w/ daddy at the beach

My first sunset at the beach

Posing with my ponies

And here are some videos

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