10 am this morning found us driving down to Mission Viejo about 1.5 hours away to see Nathan’s orthotist. He found that Nathan had outgrown all of his devices. He hd to adjust his DAFO’s, SWASH brace, and HART walker. He was astounded by how much Nathan has grown in the last year, and recommended very serious stretching or Nathan can easily develop contractures (he already has one in his right hamstring). Our plan is to have Nathan sleep with his DAFO’s and Swash brace on to get him really stretched out. This is the tough part about CP, how it wreaks havoc on a body.

And talking about growing, Gryffin has outgrown all of his newborn clothes already. That is one chunky little boy. I can’t seem to keep up with his milk demand so I am downing mamatini like crazy, and having to resort to a bit of beer to increase production.

It was a long day, as we stopped in Hollywood and spent the afternoon hanging out with all the tourists. Days like today I remember that I just had surgery 6 weeks ago; I am in so much pain and my scar is throbbing. I forget to take it easy and then I pay for it at night.

Izzy and Nate are cuddled up in Nathan’s bed, and Gryffin is waiting for me in mine. Good night!


  1. Summer Jesse says

    I did the same thing, forgot that I had major surgery and you can’t always be going. But then again I was lifting Ryland just 3 weeks after my CS. I think with the more you have the longer it takes.
    With Ryland we’ve tried getting him to wear his DAFO’s at night but he won’t sleep with them on long, maybe 3hrs, then he wakes up crying. I also try one, one night and the next night the other leg.
    Nathan is growing like Ryland did when he hit 5, Ryland is only 40lbs and I think 47 inches

  2. Charlie has grown so much this summer too! Luckily, we had Botox in the beginning of the summer and I really think that has helped ward off contractures–his feet are super-pointy these days, but I’ll take it!

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