Gryffin – 2 months

It seems like just yesterday that I was in the hospital about to give birth to Gryffin. Now he is 2 months old, about 12 pounds, triple chinned, chunky and cute as can be.

In the last week or two he has fully woken up to the world. He is playing in his toy gym, batting at objects, kicking and moving around.

He is making sounds, AGU being his favorite, but he experiments with lots of other noises. He likes hearing his own voice.

Already he’s been in the pool. The video and pictures below were captured during his very first few minutes in the pool, in his whole life:

His favorite thing to do is take a bath. He pushes on his feet to stand up, splashes, likes to float, loves feeling the water all over him.

He is already a smiley boy. He smiles a lot – at me when I baby talk to him, when I tickle him, when he sees his sister, when he’s in the swing. He is the biggest, cutest smile.

He is definitely a water boy. Really enjoys taking baths and getting in the pool. You can see it took him a minute to understand what was happening. His expression that first time was so serious. But by the second time he was all smiles.

Exhausted after swimming, and taking a nap in the hammock after his workout.


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