Gryffin – 4 months

Almost unreal to think that 4 months have passed since Gryffin decided to come into the world. Here’s a little story about him that I haven’t shared here. I had a feeling that Gryffin would be born early. At about 36 weeks I could almost feel him saying, “Mommy, I’m ready!”. But I know how important every week of gestation is, so I thought to him, “If you want to come early, you better start the labor, because I am not going to bring you in early.” The feeling persisted and I told everybody he would be early, but nobody believed me. One of my dear friends is an astrologer, and I asked him when would be a favorable day for him to be born. He said to me the ideal would be Aug 22nd. Sure enough, on the night of Aug 21st, I went into labor, and Gryffin was born the following morning at 9:36 am.

He has grown and advanced so much in 4 short months. He is such an easy-going, happy, alert, gorgeous little boy. His gentleness doesn’t cease to amaze me. He is the first baby I know who actually LOVES tummy time.

He is so expressive and makes the cutest little faces! He hardly ever gets angry, but every so often, I do get this sad face.

But it quickly becomes happy face

And here’s his curious, but I’m not sure face

He is learning so much already. He is already grabbing toys and bringing everything to his mouth. He is rolling from back to side and tummy to side but can’t quite make it all the way yet. He can scoot on his belly on the floor a little bit and if he wakes up he will often just hang out there playing and kicking in his crib. He loves to sit upright and observe the world, so when we are out with friends or at restaurants, all we have to do is hold him on our lap looking out and he is happy as can be. Or we can sit him in a high chair and put toys in front of him, and he can entertain himself for a long while. He is so curious and just stares at everything with avid interest.

He still loves his bath more than anything; bath time is definitely the highlight of his day. He is starting to play with bath toys and is starting to kick and loves splashing himself. He is a great eater and weights a whopping 15 lbs.

And one of the most amazing things to me is that he will often sleep through the night! Not all the time yet, but there are nights when he goes all the way through. And on a bad night he will wake up twice at most.

These last 4 months have been amazing, I absolutely love nurturing and caring for this little boy, he has the happiest soul and spirit, an absolutely contagious joy. And his development is just beginning, so much more amazing things to come!

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