Gryffin – 5 months

Happy 5 months to Mr. Gryffin!

In the last 4 weeks, our Gryffin has really woken up to the world.  He belly laughs all the time.  It doesn’t require much to get a huge grin and a cackle out of our love boat.

This month, Gryffin learned to roll!  He now rolls both from back to belly and belly to back.  Unlike most kids his age, he LOVES tummy time.  If I place him on the floor on his back, I will soon find him on this belly.  Now that he can roll both ways, he can move around and is starting to go after toys.

He is such a sweet boy.  He is happy all the time and most people who know him have never heard him cry.  He can entertain himself, play with toys, and simply BE.  He loves to laugh.

He’s a very expressive little boy.  His emotions are written on his face, from curiosity to happiness to wonder to sadness.

He loves being around his brother and sister. We discovered that if he’s in the car alone, he will cry. But when Isabelle and Nathan are with him, he is perfectly happy. They keep him company and he loves being around them.

This month he found his feet. While on his back, he’ll reach up and start grabbing them, playing with them, rolling around. One time he pulled his sock off his foot and started eating it. Did I mention that he’s a hand eater? He loves eating his hand and it’s his favorite source of entertainment.

While at Ihop this month he tasted pancakes for the first time. I’ve been making a huge effort to make sure he ONLY eats breast milk at least for his first 6 months. Given that I don’t produce much it’s been quite a feat. So up until about 2 weeks ago Gryffin had never tasted anything other than breastmilk. The other morning we went to IHOP for breakfast and I was struggling with all 3 kids. Izzy kept dropping her food, Nathan was crying for juice, and I had Gryffin on the table on his tummy. The lady from the table next to us asked me if I wanted her to hold him while I helped the other two. I said, “sure!”. So I cut up Izzy’s omelette and gave Nathan some juice. I looked over to see how Gryffin was doing and I saw this look of intensity in his face that I rarely see. I kept watching him and saw something in in his mouth. Sure enough, the lady had been giving him small pieces of pancake. I rushed over to thank her and grab him and her comment as she handed him to me was, “He sure has an appetite!”. I smiled, kept my mouth, thanked her, and made a mental note never to hand my babies to total strangers again 😉

This month he also started making bubbles with his saliva. He loves making noises and playing with his mouth and tongue and I can hear him “talking” to himself even when he’s playing alone in his crib.

This month he went to Disneyland for the first time and had an awesome time. He hung out in the baby bjorn and took it all in. Gryffin just goes with it, he didn’t get overstimulated, he just chilled in the bjorn, napped, even ate while in the bjorn.

It was a great month for Gryffin, with lots of activity, excitement, and happiness!


  1. lovin’ all the recent updates. gryffin sure is following in his big bro and sister’s footsteps in the cuteness department!!

  2. He is so cute and looks a lot like Nathan 🙂 all your kids are beautiful and look like each other by the way!

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