Gryffin – 6 months!

What an explosion of development and personality this last month brouht for Mr. Gryffin! He became such the character! And learned SO MANY new skills!

It started with him mastering rolling in both directions – something he could do before, but he started taking it to the next level by rolling quickly from belly to back to belly. All of a sudden he found himself getting places! And oh, the freedom this brought! He started reaching all sorts of new toys, exploring new areas, learned what it meant to get into trouble.

And talking about getting into trouble, Gryffin is well known in our house to be a little thief. Any little bit of food he can find, he will find a way to it, and start gnawing on it. The other day Owen bought some french fries, and a couple fell on the ground. While he fed Nathan, he failed to notice that Gryffin was very quiet. Finally he looked over and found him polishing what was left of a french fry.

And talking about food. We started giving him solids about a week into his 5th month. You saw the video. He LOVED it. It was with pain in my heart that I had to back off the food for him. We noticed that every time he ate, he got constipated. Our homeopathic doctor warned me that he wasn’t ready. She advised me to wait until he got his first tooth, as she explained that’s when he would develop the proper enzymes for digestion. After trying it out and noticing not just constipation but tummy pains, we’ve backed off solids, so he’s back to exclusively drinking breast milk.

But this hasn’t stopped him from becoming our bouncing fool. He LOVES to bounce! No more words needed:

And how could I forget to mention that Mr. Gryffin is now crawling? Still he is just learning, he will take a step or two and fall, but he is crawling! He army crawls to get around, he belly flops to get around, he rolls to get around. This month we noticed that he has a little bit of my temper. He is very impatient and gets angry when he can’t do what he wants to do. Once he gets himself up into quadruped, he tries to crawl. His brain isn’t quite ready for crawling so he can’t quite coordinate the movement, so he falls. He then gets angry and starts fussing, just because he can’t do what he wants to.

Which leads me to his new nickname: Grumpylstiltskin. Our happy dwarf has shown his very grumpy side this month. He gets mad when he’s alone. He gets mad when he can’t do what he wants to do. He gets mad when he doesn’t get fed instantly. He gets mad if he’s in the swing and we don’t push him right away. He gets mad if he’s not being held. He’s quite a charming grumpylstiltskin, and one that we are all happy to please. Owen and I love to say that he’s “such a baby”, because he actually likes the things that picture perfect babies like – toys that make sound, playing with his feet, playing with rattles and other normal baby toys. Nathan never had that stage, Izzy pretty much skipped all of that completely…so with Gryffin we are getting to experience normal baby stuff.

This month revealed so much of Gryffin. It revealed more of his sweet nature, more of his temper, more of his will, more of his likes and dislikes. And it’s such a pleasure to watch this little boy unfold into such a character!


  1. Summer Jesse says

    OMGosh he is cute. Bella is getting big, love how she’s messy with Nathan. Ryland gets so mad at Vera when she wont’ leave him alone. Nathan sure sits nice in that chair, there’s no way Ryland would sit, he moves nonstop, such hightone and strong can’t put him in his tomatoseat very long because he pushes so hard he hurts his legs. Nice to see a update.

  2. It has been such a pleasure to read this post. Your kids are wonderful.

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