Gryffin Gyatso – 7 months

What a month this was for our bouncing baby boy! In just 4 short weeks you learned to get around by fully crawling, pull up to stand, cruise on furniture, steal food, and much more.

What a joyful child you are, how full of love and laughter.

This was your first attempt at crawling:

Now you are a perfect crawler.

It all seemed so fast! One minute you were army crawling everywhere, barely getting up to quadruped. The next minute you’d taken off, were crawling on hands and needs everywhere, pullinig up to stand, and cruising. You love to stand up and cruise, and we wonder how much longer it will be till you’re off and running!

Even with all of your new achievements, you continue to be the sweetest baby on the planet.

Eating is probably your favorite thing to do. You’ve become quite a little thief. The other morning, Izzy left her bowl of eggs on the couch. Before anyone noticed, you’d crawled to the couch, pulled up to stand, cruised over to the bowl, and ate the entire bowl. By now you’ve also stolen a few french fries, tortilla chips, crackers, and other things you’ve found on the floor.

What an explosion of development your 6th month brought. We are so grateful to have you in our lives, you are an amazing little bouncing baby boy!

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