Gryffin’s Birth Story

I woke up Sunday morning excited. It was going to be a big day – the day of the pregnant belly shots! I’d looked forward to this day for weeks and was excited to finally capture the belly for posterity.

My friend Angie came by and took the pictures. We hung out, chatted, I posed for many shots, and had a wonderful time. The pictures came out wonderfully, but the best ones, well, I just can’t post (too riske!).

That evening we took the kids out to dinner and had a relaxing evening. Once the kids were asleep Owen left and went out with his friends, and I prepared to read a book to wind down from the weekend. As I walked up the stairs I felt a very strange sensation, followed by another and another. They were similar to the contractions I’d been having on and off for weeks, but somewhat different. More painful, for sure, and they made it hard to breathe. This continued a little longer and I started to worry. I knew of the risk of uterine rupture if you’ve had previous c-sections and go into labor, and I worried about something going wrong with Gryffin.

My mom was out of town, Owen wasn’t answering his phone, and I started getting more concerned. I called the doctor who told me to go to the hospital. Finally I called Marta who lives a few minutes away to see if she could stay with the kids while I got myself checked out.

I drove to the hospital and was received right away at Labor and Delivery. They got me hooked to the monitors and, sure enough, I was experiencing strong, regular labor contractions. My water hadn’t broken and I hadn’t dilated, but the contractions were there and it was obvious that labor had started. The doctor was called and decided to do the C-section by 8:30 am the following morning. I was out of my mind with joy, excitement, fear, amazement!

Still I couldn’t get a hold of Owen. My mom had flown to Colombia, believing she had plenty of time to go on a trip before the baby arrived. It was late at night (about 10pm) and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get in touch with anybody so they could come to the hospital for the birth.

The night rolled on with me at the hospital, alone, the kids at home with their nanny, Owen MIA, strong labor contractions my only companion. I started calling and txt’ing, and fortunately was able to get in touch with my grandma, stepdad, and a couple of my friends. Finally at around 2 am Owen appeared and we settled in to wait for the birth of our third and last child.

At around 8 am everybody started showing up at the hospital. By 8:30 am it was a full house, with many friends and family waiting to receive our little boy!

I started getting prepped for surgery at about 9 am. Since I’d already had 2 c-sections, it was going to have to be another c-section. By 9:15 am, the doctor had arrived and I was given the anesthesia. At 9:30 am, all lights were go!

9:36 am, Gryffin Gyatso Andrew was born. He was born hollering loud and clear. Although he was 3 weeks early (due date was Sept 12th), he came out breathing, screaming, regulating his temperature…a perfect, healthy, beautiful baby boy, weighing 6 lbs and 2 ounces and measuring 19 inches long. Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

The most magical moment happened when the doctor pulled him over the screen to show him to me. He was still white/blue and bloody, seconds from my womb. I reached out to touch him, he reached out to me, and our hands touched. It was magical. His hands were warm, and so soft, and it was like an electrical current passed between us. We were bonded.

And the rest is history. The doctors performed a tubal ligation (yes, 3 is plenty for this mama!) and closed me up. I was taken to recovery, where Gryffin was brought to me. And we’ve been inseparable since.

It was just one of those amazing, unexpected gifts. Saturday we were at the beach with the dogs and swimming with my dad and brothers, Sunday I was taking belly photos, and Monday Gryffin was here! Even though he missed out on 3 weeks of gestation, I am so grateful to have him here with us already.

Nathan loves his baby brother and smiles as soon as he sees him. By now he knows the drill and knows how fun that little fluff ball will become.

Izzy squeals with delight when she sees him and asks for him all the time. She knows to be gentle with him and loves to give him kisses. She has to learn the difference between mommy’s baby and her baby, since she believes that she can treat Gryffin the same way she treats her baby – feeding it, throwing it around, carrying it every where, combing its hair. But she is learning and is absolutely in love with her baby brother…except when she wants attention from one of us and can’t have it immediately because we are holding the baby 😉

Life is good. Full of surprises. Full of happiness.


  1. Congratulations on ANOTHER beautiful baby, Marcela – so happy for you – such a beautiful family and such a STRONG Mommie!

  2. Congratulations mama!

  3. One nice post, a very nice magical moment, magical photo. Nice, nice, nice.

  4. Cathy Jordan says

    He is so precious and what an awesome story! So happy for you guys that you have three beautiful, healthy, sweet children!!

  5. such wonderful news!Congratulations on the arrival of Gryffin! I am inspired and hopeful for my own family to expand one day, thank you for sharing.

  6. Oh my goodness. What gorgeous photos. I almost cried at the photo of your hands touching, absolutely beautiful. I love the photo of you and your three children! So happy for you. Such a perfect post.

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