Guess who went skiing today?


And Belle..well..she was the cheerleader!!!

He had a BLAST BLAST BLAST and will be returning tomorrow for some more skiing!


  1. That looks like so much fun, I know Ryland would love that but again, don’t have the money to. I have a thing for speical needs kids in the Black Hills but Ryland has to be older. Maybe someday we can.

  2. Marce, great, isn’t it? We are going to ski with the German team in Slovakia again this year a I have also organized the course for the Czech children in our country. Both held in February. So I am looking forward. Oliver loved it last year. And it is a good exercise also for children.
    And my next goal is skiing in Italy. This is a sunny country that loves children and we love their cuisine. 🙂
    Great pictures and I wish we were there too.

  3. Hi Iveta, it was AMAZING, I honestly had the best weekend EVER.  How great that you get to do this with Oliver too, he must love it so much.  Maybe next year we can meet you in Italy and go skiing together, maybe we can plan something?

  4. Hi Summer, is there an organization that could help make this happen for Ryland?  There are others like Make A Wish, maybe someone can help him get to the slopes?  Or a local organization? I am sure Ry would love it!

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