Hanging Out…

So Nathan and I have been literally attached at the hip the last couple of weeks.

Since we forgot our baby bjorn and the wheelchair was broken and paris is not very handicap friendly, we bought the only baby carrier at the only baby store we found in paris – the ErgoBaby. And I can honestly say it feels like the best thing that’s happened to us in a while.

For the past few days, every afternoon, I plop Nathan in the carrier and off we go, gallivanting around the city.

Why is it so special? I’ll have to make a bullet list:

* We are communicating and interacting all the time. Instead of him facing away from me in his wheelchair, his head leans against my heart and he is completely cuddled. I can play with his hair, talk to him, show him things, grab his hand so he can touch things, all the time.

* It’s very easy to carry and is so easy to plop him in and out of it. I no longer have to lug around a 40 lb wheelchair that is hard to put in and out of the car. I jump out of the car, strap on the belt, plop him in, hook up the back, and we’re set.

* It’s GREAT for his hips. You can’t imagine how AMAZING his hips are right now. He want from super super tight to being almost normal in his hip range. I’m going to have them do an X-ray soon but I am almost certain his hips will look better than ever.

* The way the carrier is designed, all of the weight is on my hips and legs, which is completely manageable. All other baby carriers force you to put the weight on your back and shoulders, which yo can only last a little while. This one, the weight is manageable and I can walk around with him in it for hours at a time!

I am so happy with this baby carrier, it really has changed what we do with our time. This week I walked around the mall with him in it, I went to the park twice, we watched a movie with him in it, I fed him in the carrier, we went to babies r us twice and walked around, we went to walmart, basically, we were out and about every day having a good time in the carrier!

I think this is also stimulating his brain as he’s getting a ton of vestibular stimulation and since he’s at my hip he feels the movement of walking.

Anyways, I just wanted to share how lovely it is to “hang out” with Nathan.

By the way, we watched Madagascar today and he LOVED it, he was laughing hi head off through most of the movie.

Have a great night and weekend!

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