Happy 4th Birthday Nathan!

4 years ago we were told not to expect 1 breath from you. We were told you’d be born dead and if you lived we’d experience nothing but regret and sorrow. Oh how wrong they were! I wonder how many breaths you’ve taken by now? And every one of your breaths we are so grateful for.

Thank you for defying all odds. Thank you for bringing such joy to our lives. Thank you for being the greatest teacher we’ve ever had. Thank you for spreading happiness to all who meet and know you. Thank you for your example of serenity, strength, and grace.

Happy 4th birthday my Nathan, I hope this is just another of many many many more years to come! We love you so much, you are perfect in our eyes, and we wouldn’t change a thing about our lives with you.


  1. Happy Birthday Nathan.
    You are a VERY beautiful, lovely, special, wonderful, spiritual, miraculous little boy who is loved the world over.
    Thank God for 4 amazing years.
    Whitney & Suzy


  3. I can see you did have a happy birthday! Wishing you many, many more!

  4. Happy Birthday Nathan!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATHAN!!!! What a great Day!! I still remember waiting to hear how everything went with you being born and prayer that the doctor were wrong. At the same time we were fighting for Ryland to get a chance to do everything the doctor told him he would never do. It fun to prove doctors wrong. HoPE we can meet you some day.

  6. Very Very Happy Birthday Nathan:)

  7. Muy feliz cumpleaños mi niñito, te llamamos para cantarte y no estabas, eres un angelito precioso, que brilla en el lugar que estes, estamos muy felices de que seas un niñito muy feliz, sabemos que Diosito siempre te esta protegiando a tí a tu hermanita Belle. Por las fotos se ve que la fiesta estuvo muy linda, cariños para todos, bendiciones para ustedes y lo que dices Marcela en tu post es muy cierto, nuestros hijos a nuestros ojos son perfectos, los quiero mucho y besos para ustedes!!!

  8. Happy Birthday Nathan!
    So wonderful to see so many special friends celebrating with you.

    What an amazing family you all are together!

    Much love and joy from Team Medina!
    (Moxie, Derek and Margo)

  9. Happy 4th Birthday Nathan!!! It has been an amazing 4 years watching you– and your mommy is right you teach us all each day. By the way-mommy when are we going to get together to celebrate Nathan’s Bday with his buddies.

  10. Happy belated birthday, Nathan! You get more and more handsome with every year. I am glad you had an awesome birthday.

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