Dorje’s Birthday at Disney!

Dorje had a great time on his first birthday!

He had a quiet, regular morning. Then at noon he had therapy at UCLA. Here’s a cute video:

And more videos here:

Birthday Videos

Then we went to DISNEYLAND!!!

He had a wonderful time. His favorite was “It’s a small world”. He was just beyond himself looking at all the dolls and dancers. I’ve never seen him hold his head and trunk up so well, he was even standing so he could see better! We have a couple of videos, but it was dark so they’re not great quality, but you can see a little bit how hypnotized he was:

And here are a couple of cute pics:

Here are more pictures:

1 year Birthday

It was a great day and he had a lot of fun. We were only there a few hours so we didn’t watch the parade or have the full disney experience, but he is little and we have time. We got annual passes so we can go many times!

We are excited about celebrating his birthday with everyone on Saturday, we look forward to seeing everyone who can come!

And a quick thank you for everyone’s love and support over the past year. Every day I give thanks for everyone who has helped us along the way.

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