Happy Easter!

We had a very quiet, calm Easter. We decided to take it easy and stay at home most of the day, doing a lot of this:

I read The Host while Nathan watched a couple of movies.

Nathan got a bit restless towards late afternoon, so we decided to eat out at a place similar to ChuckeCheese. Nathan was a little congested:

Fortunately the congestion resolved quickly.

The boys just left in the RV – they are headed down to Orange County for one more week of HBOT / suit therapy. As usual it all happened at the (literally) last moment.

For the first time since Nathan was 6 months old, we don’t have anyone helping us with Nathan. After I found our last aide fast asleep in Nathan’s room, I figured – enough. Time for us to figure it out on our own. So for over a month now, it’s been just the 3 (and 1/2) of us. So given the size of the animate object called my belly, and the fact that Owen has to work, we were trying to figure out what to do with Nathan all week! At the last moment it occurred to Owen to go back to Irvine since we saw such good results from that treatment. We called his suit therapist whom we absolutely love and he was available! So we came home from dinner, packed up, and off they went.

Owen promised to take photos and videos of Nathan AWAKE in therapy this time, so I hope to have some footage to share this week.

In the meantime, I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend. We sure did.


  1. So happy to hear that his congestion cleared up!! Glad to hear that things are going well & that you had a nice relaxing Easter.

  2. Happy to hear he’s feeling better. The blue\green congestion can be terrible:)

    Happy Easter to you guys too! Don’t miss them too much.

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