Happy Father’s Day Daddy


You are the best daddy in the world. From the day I was born, you have treated me with love and acceptance. You never even saw my disability – you just saw ME for who I am.

Thank you for:

* Taking me out every day at 5pm to have fun
* For tossing me up in the air and spinning me around
* For dancing with me
* For carrying me around on the bjorn wherever you go – even when I weight almost 30 pounds!
* For including me in everything you do – playing Rock Band, video games, pool parties with your friends, even your naps
* For waking up with me in the mornings when mommy is too tired
* For taking me all over the world! My favorites were Dominican Republic and Thailand
* For taking me to Disney all the time – it’s my favorite place!
* For feeding me on your lap every time we go out to eat. You’re the best feeder I’ve got!
* For working so hard to give me every opportunity in the world
* For teaching me how to grab things with my hands and how to tear pages apart
* For never getting upset, even when I am at my crankiest
* For loving me unconditionally, just the way I am

Thank you for being there for me through EVERYTHING. I love you so much. I am grateful that I am your son.

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