Happy Father’s Day

From Collages

I remember the day Nathan was born. There was so much uncertainty about his life, about his future, about everything revolving Nathan. But there was no uncertainty in your heart. He was your boy. Yours to love and enjoy. Your little buddy. That first night while I lay awake in fear, you were deeply asleep with your boy in your arms, with nothing but love and acceptance in your heart. Our son could not have a better father.

From that day on I have watched as you have nurtured and cherished your boy in every way possible. Whereas some men struggle to accept life with a disabled child, you embraced your son without a moment’s doubt. I’ve never seen you waver from your stance as your son’s protector and best friend. From the moment this boy was in your arms you have shown him off with pride, you have shown him the world and the world to him, you have enjoyed him and played with him and shown him to love life. Our son could not have a better father.

You have worked tirelessly day and night to provide him everything he needs. This boy has never lacked due to your effort and dedication. While others sleep you work and you work and you work some more – all to ensure that your son has everything, and more, that he needs. You have sacrificed your own wishes to do everything in your power to help your son. All the while loving and accepting him just the way he is. Our son could not have a better father.

You have been his body, wearing him on your chest like a badge with pride. You have walked so he could see the world. You have run so he could know what it’s like to feel the wind in his face. You have hiked so he could know nature. You have worn him on your body like an extension of yourself. In your arms he has seen Europe, Singapore, Thailand, Colombia, Canada. In your arms he has played the drums, the guitar, played with cars, climbed jungle gyms, slid down giant slides, watched movies and tried all the rides at Disney. Through your body he has lived the fullest life any child could live. Our son could not have a better father.

And then there were 2. From the moment you knew there was to be another baby you experienced nothing but joy and anticipation. You knew you were in trouble the moment you found out you were going to have a little girl. Your little girl. And in trouble you are. From the moment you held her she melted into your arms. She knew whose arms she was in when she was just 1 week old and you held her up in your shoulders to show her the world. With you she opened her eyes wide for the first time, ready to take in the world. Every night you walk her around for hours so she can see everything, feel the wind on her face, hear the crickets outside at night. It was with you when she first cooed, with you when she first crawled on her belly, with you that she learned to be bossy and scream for attention. Our daughter could not have a better father.

When I dreamt of having children and imagined the father they would have, it wasn’t you I dreamt of. You surpass all of my waking dreams. You are everything I wanted for my children, and so much more. Your love, dedication, and devotion to your children is simply indescribable. Our children could not have a better father.

Happy Father’s Day to the bestest father in the whole wide world.


  1. Q ue lindo post,y comparto absolutamente la vision que tienes de Owen como padre de tus niños, que emocionante y lindas palabras para tu marido,me encanta cuándo dices que Owen carga a Nathan en su pecho como una insignia de “orgullo” y cuándo dices que tus niños no pudierón tener un mejor padre que Owen,que lindo…yo felicito a este papá por tener hijos tán maravillosos como Nathan y Belle!!!
    Un abrazo!!!

  2. Love this post! It is so beautiful and so true. I esp. like the part about Owen wearing Nathan like a badge of honor. I can’t look at a baby bjorn without thinking of Owen and Nathan! Btw, did you see they have a bigger model for older kids, now? 😉

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