Happy Holidays

To our friends and family,

There are many we love that we weren’t able to see during the holidays, so I wanted to write an update about how we are all doing.

Let’s start with the star of this blog, Mr. Nathan.

Nathan’s had a very hard year. He has been sick innumerable times; before he recovers from one illness, he’s on to the next. At the beginning of the year he became ill enough to be hospitalized, which was a very scary experience for all of us. He’s been healthier since, but still very prone to every cold and flu flying about, which immediately sends him into asthma and bronchitis. On happier news, he is progressing with his ability to communicate using his Dynavox communication device, and is able to play games, make choices, and simply tell us what’s on his mind. He is such a sweet, bright little boy and he is a wonderful, loving big brother.

Isabelle is a force of nature. She is exuberant, intense, dramatic, brilliant, strong, kind, sweet, smart, funny, shy, and feisty. It’s hard to believe that one little girl could be so much, but trust me, she is. This was a very big year for Izzy too. She learned to walk, talk, and started preschool. She goes to a Montessori school two days a week with kids aged 2-5 and to a private preschool with kids aged 18 months to 32 months. She amazes her teachers at both schools with how smart and capable she is. In the afternoons she takes tap, ballet, and gymnastics classes. She has now learned how to swim and can go from one end of the spa to the other, hold her breath for about 12 seconds, and can jump into the water, hit the bottom, and jump out. Her language is exploding, with new words emerging every single day. She is now starting to put words together and mostly speaks in sentences. I was shocked a few days ago when I heard her say, “Mommy, more TeTe (bottle) please),” and “Marce, play shrek ipad please”. She is in LOVE with the Ipad and demands to play on it every morning (right after tete). She can app surf, start and end apps, and has mastered many of the games that we have on the ipad. She reads books (Shrek is her favorite) on the ipad and is learning to trace letters, to match, sort, and to label things like colors and shapes. Her tantrums are truly monumental and we are learning how to teach her boundaries and how to handle her own frustrations, which has been a challenge. Even though being with Izzy requires lots of patience, she is truly wonderful to be with.

Isabelle adores her brothers. Throughout the day, she has to know where they are, and if she doesn’t see them for a little bit, she will ask and ask for them. They are her anchor, always revolving around her brothers, always checking on them and loving on them.

Gryffin turned 4 months and is absolutely sweet, easy-going, and oh so adorable. He is a very happy baby. His Christmas gift to mommy was to roll from his belly to his back for the first time! He is almost able to roll from back to belly, he just needs that last little bit to complete the turn. Most nights he won’t wake up more than once to eat, and some nights he will sleep all the way through. He is absolutely a mama’s boy and can’t catch sight of mommy without giving her humongous toothless smiles. He loves his bath, loves to play in his gym mat, loves sitting upright watching the world, and going for walks. Gryffin’s big problem is car rides; he detests being in the car and screams bloody murder the whole time he is in the car seat. Nobody is perfect and this is Gryffin’s big issue. He is already 15 pounds and has never tasted anything other than breast milk. Gryffin was so adequately named, he really is a king of kings.

I tried very hard to take pictures of all of us but failed miserably. Soon I will post a few of the pictures I was able to get but unfortunately they were just not very good.

In general, even though this has been a very challenging year in many ways, it has also been soooo very rewarding. This year brought us Gryffin, it brought so many new skills for both Nathan and Izzy, and all of our tribulations has brought us closer together.

We are excited to start a new year, with lots of hopes and adventures to look forward to.

Thanks for sharing this journey with us and we hope you’re having a wonderful holiday!


  1. thanks for the update. all is well here. hopefully we can make it out your way and keep in better touch in 2012!

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