Happy Holidays

I’m not sure how much internet access I’m going to have in Colombia, so I’m going to write a last post before we jump on the plane tomorrow. Since I may not have a chance to say this later:


I am so grateful to all of you who have shared this journey with us, inspired us, cheered us on, helped us when we were struggling, prayed for us, walked with us…we’ve felt to so blessed to have the opportunity to share this journey with so many wonderful friends – we are honored! Thank you for stopping by Nathan’s blog and for being a part of our lives.

As a holiday present, I wanted to leave you with the protocol that the new doctor gave Nathan. The treatment was MAGICAL and I wanted to share it with others, especially since it is winter and there’s horrible weather in most of the US:

Acute Cases (when you notice your child is sick):

Engystol & Grippe Heel – Day 1: 1/2 pill every 15 minutes for 2 hours, Day 2: 1/2 pills every 2 hours for 6 hours, Day 3: 1/2 pill 3 times in the day.


Engystorl & Grippe Heel – 1/2 pills 3 times a day for 5 days, 4 days of rest.

Drainage and Immune strengthening (3 month period):

Nux Vomica & Lymphostot & Traumeel: 1/2 pill 3 times a day

The Maintenane and Drainage protocols can take place at hte same time, so you can combine Engystol, Grippe Heel, Nux Vomica, Lymphostot, & Traumeel and give your child all of them 3 times / day.

All of these medicines are made by Heel so you can read and learn about them online. These are all natural remedies and you can get them without a prescription.

If you guys decide to try this, please comment and let me know if this helped your child!

Happy holidays my wonderful friends, hope everyone has a lovely time, expect to hear little from me over the next few days, I am officially ON VACATION and that includes the internet! Bye!

PS I’ll try to post some pictures as we go through our vacation.


  1. Safe travels and happy holidays!!

  2. Have a great holiday my friend!! May you Owen Nathan and belle have a wonderful vacation!!

  3. An idea for when you get back…could you comment on how you get Nathan to take all the supplements/medications? Jack takes only a few meds a day and we still sometimes struggle with getting them all down. I am curious how Nathan manages to take them all in.

    Thanks and have a great trip!

  4. Happy holidays to you! Be safe and enjoy!

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