Happy Mother’s Day!

To all of my mommy friends and readers – Happy Mother’s Day! I can honestly say you are all amazing women. My wish for all of you on this mother’s day is that you give yourself the gift of “ME” time this year. You deserve it!

I am inspired by the amazing women that I have met in my journey – strong, valiant, courageous women who go above and beyond. I say this of all of you – SN and NT (neurotypical) moms alike. Thank you for sharing in this most precious gift – motherhood – with me.

Today would’ve been lovely if Owen hadn’t picked today for a fight…men… baaahhhhhhhhhumbug!

Despite Owen’s best attempts, I still felt deeply blessed and the real gifts were with me all day – Belle and Dorje. My mom and aunt and grandma, as well as brothers and their partners, came over to share the day with us. We had a lot of fun, especially Nathan – as usual. And now I am heading to bed as I am STILL in a lot of pain from the C-section. I really hope all of you were spoiled and had a lovely day today.

Cuteness X 3

Yesterday Nathan and Owen went to the Renaissance Faire while Belle and I stayed home and rested.

They had a blast!

Oh and Nathan did too 🙂

Princess Belle after a meeting with her personal stylist (AKA grandma)

I guess she didn’t mind being purtified.

She’s even posing for us already!

I bet they’d win a cuteness contest .. don’t you ?

Sexy aunt Jen

Nathan even had my brother’s dog smiling with him!

Wii finally capitulated and got a Wii a couple of months ago…for Nathan of course…it was the life of the party

Nathan was standing tall while playing Wii

While his sister showed no interest.

Grandma Nalga has good hands..she had Tinker Belle passed out and posing

While her brother wouldn’t miss any of the action

And we got to christen our new dining room!

Nathan reaching for a lollipop

This is Belle a few days ago before she got chubby cheeks. She makes me feel peaceful every time I see this picture.

Front-line view of the chubs! She’s over 8lbs already!

And cute as can be!

One happy momma


  1. Cathy Jordan says

    Belle is so alert! She has a presence about her, I can tell. They are both just so cute!

  2. Laura M says

    Happy Mommy’s Day!!! Everyday is mommy’s day in my book. Especially when you have such cutie pies in your life. It looks like you had a wonderful despite everything. Hugs to you and the crew.

  3. Kattia says

    Marce: HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY for the best cousin MAMA in the world!!! I’m so happy for Owen and you, definitely Nathan & Belle came from heaven, from God’s heart, two preciuos angeles!!! I love you Princess!!! God Bless your beautiful family!!! Tu prima… (estan divinosssss los dos)

  4. Michal says

    She looks exactly like Nathan looked in his baby pictures! WOW! I always thought Nate would make a beautiful girl! I can’t wait to see her again!

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