Happy New Year’s!

Dear Friends,

Happy New Years! I hope this year brings everyone lots of love and peace.

After coming home from celebrating New Year’s with my family I decided to spend some time writing down some New Year’s resolutions.

Here’s what I came up with:

* HEALTH: I want to become healthy this year. I want to eat healthy and get my immune system strong and my body functioning optimally.
* Inner Peace: daily meditation practice and more familiarity with a mind of peace
* Deeper Love and Patience: keep burrowing deeper into a mind of love and acceptance and extend this mind beyond Nathan to everyone around me.
* Daily Journaling
* Yoga 5 times / week
* Find a spiritual community to share my path with

For Nathan:

* Get him HEALTHY! Get him over his leaky gut, candida, parasites, viruses/bacteria, and with a strong, functional immune system
* Strong balance between fun and work (therapy and play time)
* Get him involved in a social program/class
* Start working on getting him a communications device
* Daily:
2 hours of ABR
1 hour of HBOT
2 hours of AIAHP program
30 X Reach masking
6 X Oral motor exercises
Walking with Kidwalk or Hart
Tummy time
* Vitamins/Supplements

There are 2 other “programs” I want to do this year:

Hard Chamber HBOT
Anat Baniel Method

I want Nathan to do 40 sessions in a hard chamber to see if this is something that can help him. I’ve also heard wonders about Anat Baniel so I want to try this to see if it will help.

Starting next week I have cut down my work to just 2 hours / day so I will have all day to dedicate to Nathan. I am so excited! It’s been so hard balancing work and taking care of Nathan but now I feel my focus can finally be almost 100% Nathan.

I feel so much joy and excitement for the year to come. We have gone through so much in the last 2.5 years and I feel that we are now in the best position we’ve ever been since Nathan was born.

We’ve found some wonderful programs, we are working with wonderful, talented people that love Nathan and are so good with him. Emotionally, we have dealt with most of the difficult parts of the journey and we’re now in a stage of acceptance and appreciation.

I feel like I have a clean canvas in front of me and my intentions and beliefs are what will shape the year to come. And I feel that this year will bring us wonderful gifts.

What gifts do I want?

I want the gift of health for both myself and Nathan. I want the gift of patience for both myself and Nathan. I want deeper love and deeper peace.

That’s all I ask for / pray for. These are my intentions for the upcoming year. Everything else will fall in place if we can achieve these intentions.

In any case, I hope everyone has some clear New Year’s resolutions and I send everyone lots of love and blessings and health and wealth in the upcoming year.


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