Happy New Year’s

Happy New Year’s! We want to wish everyone that stops by a wonderful New Year’s.

We are all doing well and looking forward to the upcoming year.

Nathan is doing great…he had a very very rough couple of days as they couldn’t get an IV in him and they spent 3 days poking and trying, poking and trying, until finally yesterday they were able to get a Central Intravenous Line in. He relapsed a little as he didn’t get antibiotics for about 24hours, and was throwing up and not holding in fluids. But since the new line has been in, he’s been getting his antibiotics and doing much much better.

He’s definitely won everyone over at the UCLA Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

We have him sit up and watch everyone, and he just smiles at everyone passing by and screams to grab their attention. This morning a group of doctors was doing rounds and he had them all playing and fussing over him. The doctor speaking even lost her train of thought as he caught her attention and smiled. It was so cute to see. All of the nurses fight to take care of him and when they do, they won’t leave our side for a second 🙂 They just love playing with him and getting little shrieks of joy from him.

Even though we’re in intensive care, it’s been wonderful as it’s the first time in 6 weeks that he feels good, so he’s just such a happy boy.

Surgery has been postponed a few more days due to his relapse, so we’re looking at possibly next Monday.

Thanks again for your prayers and support and we wish you the best during this final holiday of the year.

Best wishes, Marcela, Owen and Nathan Dorje.

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