Happy to be home

He is home, and so happy to be in his own bed!

He recovered well from the croup, his breathing is significantly improved, and his color and appetite are back 🙂

The swallow study was a failure. He is aspirating all liquids, but does okay with thicker textures like banana. They recommended intensive feeding therapy and some more G tube conversations. Bah humbug. For now, all I’m going to worry about is his full recovery. I’ll deal with the rest later.



  1. Have you checked out feeding/swallowing therapy at NAPA Center? I’ve heard kids having success with the program they offer – since X is able to eat fine, we haven’t tried it.

  2. Sally Fraley says

    glad things are looking up.
    He looks like a BOY- grown up and tall

  3. Thanks God you backed home and Nathan is good now

  4. Happy to hear that you are Home Sweet Home!

  5. Cathy Jordan says

    Praying for Nathan and all of you! <3

  6. We did VitalStim and are waiting for another swallow study to see if there were improvements. Might be something to look into. Glad the prince is home!

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