Happy Valentines!


  1. Marcela!!!! I switched over to a new feed reader and your feed didn’t transfer so all this time I just thought you weren’t updating! My mom told me you are pregnant. SO EXCITING!!!!

    Nathan looks so happy enjoying his trike/bike. Charlie rode in one today and just looked confused. I have no idea how my little boy got to be such an old man.

  2. Great pictures Marcela. I absolutely LOVE the first one, their smiles are glowing.

  3. He looks good! glad he’s feeling better!

  4. So nice.

  5. Oh Katy it’s so nice to see you stop by, I’ve been following your journey and am just beyond thrilled for you, I still can’t believe it! TWINS!  I am only about 10 weeks pregnant so I am about a month behind you.  I’ve been exhausted and sick all the time, but so very happy to have one last baby.   Charlie looks wonderful, so glad even the neurologist noticed and he does look so grown up in the photos – and so happy!

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