Having Fun!

We are still having boatloads of fun! We’ve been to Universal Studios, the Orange County Fair, all sorts of shopping, for walks at the park, swims at our pool, and more. It’s been great having our wonderful Chilean friends with us! Here are a few pics of our adventures. Now that my hands are busy with Belle, I am a photo slacker. But you get the idea 😉

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to update much. Between hanging out with friends and working I haven’t had much spare time. Work’s been busy lately and every spare moment we’re out and about. I have several post ideas, I’ll list them here so I don’t forget: Nathan playing on the Ipad, Our Proloquo2Go setup, Orthopedic Update, ABR and Head Control update, A day in Nathan’s life, Conversations with Nathan. I’ll try and do at least one or two of them this week! Hope everyone is doing well!


  1. Que lindas las fotos, los niños están increibles, mi niñito esta precioso, màs rubio y su carita mas alargada, más niño grande, Bellita esta lindísima, se ve muy pilla, ya se pone de pie!!!, muy chic con sus tenidas, Catita, está muy bronceada, linda con su vestido gringo y las fotos de los elefantes, buenísima, muy valientes!!!, les mandamos muchos cariños a todos, besito a los niños, en especial de parte de Vicentito, un gran abrazo, TQM

  2. HI Marcela,
    You look like you are having so much fun. I love seeing your photos. Nathan is looking great so happy and healthy. Belle is gorgeous and really getting big. Keep having fun!

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