HBOT day 2

We’re finishing our 2nd day of HBOT and it’s going good so far!

Last night went well – nobody disturbed us where we parked. Today we got permission to park outside of the therapy center so we’re excited about that! I don’t think I could’ve handled another sleepless night.

For those of you wondering what I’m talking about – we drove a friend’s RV to the therapy center and we’re staying in it. The reason is that it’s so convenient to have the RV parked at the therapy center – we can take naps during the day, cook, eat snacks, and have everything we need handy! It also means I don’t have to drive that monster car at nights which is a lot less stressful! The nearest place to park the RV and hook it up is about 30 min’s away and I am trying to avoid that at all costs. So we are staying in the RV parked outside of the therapy center and it’s working out well! Nathan doesn’t mind being in the RV, but I do think he misses his house, dad, and routine. He’s been a cranky monkey for the last couple of days.

He’s only had 6 hbot treatments so far – and he really likes it! The pressure doesn’t bother him at all and he LOVES that he gets to watch movies while in the chamber.

He did a couple of hours of suit therapy today. He wasn’t happy at all to have to work again – he’s been on a 2 month vacation from physical therapy! So he was pretty cranky.

On a little side note..I’ve been trying to teach him to spend time on his back happily. Typically the moment he is put on the floor on his back or belly he starts complaining. So I’ve been trying to do it while we’ve been in the RV. This afternoon I put him on his back and he started complaining instantly. After about 15 min’s of whining, I noticed he was quiet. I was like…hmmm… I checked and this is what I saw!

He rolled from his back to his side, got his hand around the ball and pulled it close to his mouth, then used the ball to prop his arm against it so we could chew/suck on his hand. That boy! It was so cute, he was so proud of himself! Again, I know it doesn’t sound like much, but for him it’s great, it showed him that even though being left on his back is hard, he CAN use his body to find entertainment.


  1. Awesome! Cody has that ball too.

  2. Aw!!!! He’s such a cutie!!! I just want to snuggle up next to him! Hugs to the 2 of you.

  3. Yeah, for new milestones!

  4. Sally Fraley says

    one of these times you are going to come around the corner and he will not be on the blanket–Awesome!!

  5. Marcela

    Hola como estas? como va el embarazo? siempre estoy viendo su blog que lindas las fotos de nathan cuando estaba bebe hermoso,que rico que nathan este bien ,pucha el gordo sigue con sus vomitos pero espero salga adelante les dejo un gran beso a todos………..

  6. Glad to hear things are going so well! I can’t wait to see the progress he makes :):)

  7. Marce, estoy muy contenta de ver y saber que mi niñito esta bien, y que de apoco recuperandose para la terapia de la camàra. Esto le hará muy bienj!!!. Que bien que te puedes estacionar ahí mismo y no moverte todos los días, bien por los tres!!, les mando un gran abrazo y sigan adelante, besitos para todos, I miss you guys!!!!

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