Hbot day 6

Nathan has now completed 12 Hbot dives!

Today when I talked to him on the phone, I told him how much I missed him. I asked him if he missed me too. I heard a very very clear “Yeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh”. He was so sweet!

Daddy reports that he behaved perfectly both in the chamber and during suit therapy. His therapist works with him outside where all the ladies are and he’s the center’s darling already. They all love him. Daddy also got him a soy chai latte and George his therapist used it to reward him for good work.

At dinner he refused his own food and ate most of daddy’s food. He went on the carousel twice and hung out at the Irvine Spectrum at night.

It sounds like he’s one happy little boy 🙂


  1. WOW! how exciting to hear him really speak! Thank you so much for the vemail- it was neat to hear you:) We have been busy here & are finally healthy enough to go out in public. As for my post on the cp list, I’m sure a few people were thinking “what?” but its an emotional thing for me.
    We originally banked with Vista Cord, they were the middle of the pack cost wise & had good reviews & the staff was very helpful & answered all my questions, but the operations were horrible- enough that the FDA closed them down 🙁 Family Cord, in the meantime has “bought” Vista Cord & transfered everything to their L.A. facility. They have gone over the moon in trying to figure out a way for Little Man to get his CB infused into him. In fact I find out within 2 weeks & am on pins & needles about the whole thing.
    Anyways, I really went off on a tangent there! I do recomend Family Cord, they have really gone over & above (so far) anything expected of them. They are working hard for a positive outcome in a less than desireable situation.

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