Hbot take 3

Owen and Nathan are on their way to Irvine right now for Hbot take 3. I finally accepted that I’m, well, too pregnant to keep running around. So Owen was wonderful in being wiling to step in and completing this treatment with Nathan. He took his whole office with him and is planning on working from within the chamber and when Nathan is having suit therapy.

They’ve only been gone a little while and I already miss them terribly! But I have big plans for this week – NESTING!

Belle’s nursery has been pinkified, her furniture is in, the living room has been painted, most of the furniture is on it’s way, the garage has been completely reorganized and we even dumped a whole uhaul truckload of stuff at Goodwill. This week I plan on finishing everything else! So it’s not really a rest time but at least I’ll get to focus on just one thing. Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. Me parece genial que Owen y Nathan estén juntos en el tratamiento,ellos se complementan tán bién!!!
    Que bueno que ya estas organizada de a poco con los preparativos de Belle,disfruta este momento con tu niña si hay algo lindo es preperar cada detalle para la llegada de una princesita!!!
    Un abrazo.

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