He can suck his thumb!

Nathan can now suck his thumb by himself!

Before he was very very rarely able to get his hand up to his mouth.

Lately, he is doing it more and more and we are so excited. Also, before, he used to suck the side of his fist, as he rarely opens his hands. Lately, he’s been enjoying his finger so much he’s been opening his hand in order to play with his thumb. Why is this so significant? Twice already we’ve been able to have him lay down for a few minutes without crying!

Since he has no mobility at all, usually when we lay him down on his back he can only resist about 3 seconds and then he starts crying, and if we don’t pick him up within one minute, he gets hysterical. But twice already he’s been able to lay contently while sucking his thumb for a few minutes! We hope this trend continues 🙂

His attention span has also increased and he is enjoying reading books more:

He is starting to play with his hands a little bit more:

And finally, he is enjoying playing on his side. He can hold this position for a little while and will reach out and try to grab and play with toys while on his side:

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