Head Control for Nathan

I have experienced the extraordinary of prayer. I believe Nathan’s very life is the result of prayer. I have seen times when he was headed for surgery, I asked people to pray, and the next day he was miraculously better. His extraordinary health I believe is the result of people’s prayers. I could go on and on. From personal experience I know without a doubt that Prayer WORKS.

So today I am asking all of you who care about Nathan to please join in the “Head Control for Nathan” prayer campaign. I believe if he could gain head control, a myriad of possibilities would open up to him. I can’t do it alone. He can’t do it alone. We really need your help. Here’s all I ask:

1. Please pray for Nathan’s health and happiness, particularly for his ability to gain head control

2. If you are part of a prayer or church group, please ask them to add Nathan to their prayer list

3. If you have a website or blog, please add the “Head Control for Nathan” button:

Pray for Nathan

<p><a href="http://prayfornathan.org//?page_id=1715">
<img src="http://prayfornathan.org/images/nathan1.jpg" alt="Pray for Nathan" width="190" height="246" border="0">

4. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, please link to the Head Control for Nathan page: http://prayfornathan.org//?page_id=1715

I hope that with everyone’s help, Nathan can have gained strong and steady head control by the end of 2010.

We are so grateful for your help and support!!!!


  1. praying for nathan in CT!!

  2. Hey, Marcela. I haven’t been on here in awhile… I’m enjoying catching up on you guys! I tried to post the code for Nathan’s prayer on my blog, but it wouldn’t work. Not sure why! I will be praying for him.

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