Hello … Hellooo… helloooo

Today I was wondering if anybody actually ever reads Nathan’s blog that I’ve hijacked 🙂

I try to post so I can share about Nathan and the stuff we’re doing, and with the hopes that our experiences will help other families.

But today I’m wondering, does anybody actually read this?

If you do, Nathan and I would really love it if you left us a note/comment.

Thank you!!!


  1. Hi!!
    I read your posts every day!! I love to be informed of how Nathan is doing. I must say that I get exhausted trying to keep up with you, but I certainly try.
    We can’t do the diet, and I’m not doing the ABR, but we love the hbot. And we are going to ask our OT about setting Suzy up with switches.
    Are you coming back to the Dominican with us in January for more stem cells? We just feel we have to try another couple of rounds. (Not sure where the money is coming from). (I might look into getting a night job – a “lady of the evening” – maybe I could make a few dollars..ha-ha-ha 🙂
    Sorry you forgot about poor Lucas.
    Suzy sleeps on her tummy, and she wakes up all night long and fusses lots, and I was wondering – do all those nighttime hours count as tummy-time?
    Have a great day.
    Love and hugs,

  2. Hello Marcela!

    I’m Gala. I have twins boy and girl 4.5 years old. They were born premature at 28 weeks. My son having some issues related to prematurity.

    I found your blog right before your trip for ABR training and since check it daily for Nathan updates. I love to see his pictures and to hear about his progress! He’s very handsome boy.

    I also want to say that I’m impressed by your will and determination. My hugs and best wishes to you and Nathan.


  3. Annabelle says

    Hola Marce!!!

    Me encanta leer tus artículos, porque así me mantengo enterada de como se encuentran Nathan y tu, saber en que andan, ver los avances del chiquis, ver como crece y se pone cada día mas hermoso. Aunque no hablemos por telefono, por este medio siempre estoy pendiente de ustedes.

    Les mando muchoooossss besitos. Los quiero montones y nos vemos pronto.

    Les mando mucho

  4. Hey girl!

    You know I’m an avid reader. Your entries always make me think, give me great ideas for therapy, and sometimes make me wonder about your sanity. Ha!

    Give Nathan a big kiss from me and a high five from Fletch!

  5. Hello! I’ve actually just found this blog, through Bird. And, I will add you to blog roll and start reading! I have a five-year-old with cerebral palsy as a result of a stroke at birth, I blog over at http://www.lovethatmax.blogspot.com. I know, blogging can be lonely. I’ll visit again!

  6. Administrator says

    Oh my gosh Ellen, Max is ADORABLE! What a gorgeous boy you have there. I only had time to read a little bit but I added you guys to my Google Reader account so I can see how Max is doing! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Administrator says

    Erin – HA! I know – sanity is not my strong point. It’s one of those more often than not missing elements in life. But – it’s overrated!

    It was great talking the other day and hopefully we can catch up again soon!

    PS – I do stop by your blog almost every day too :0)

  8. Administrator says

    Hi Gala! Thanks for stopping by our blog. Do you have a website for your twins? How is your son doing?

    We often joke that what Nathan didn’t get in brains he got in looks – fair trade!

    I’d love to hear more about your kids so send me a note if you have a chance with pics or link to your blog.

  9. Administrator says

    Hey Whitney! I stop by Suzie’s site almost every day (I usually do my rounds every 2 days 🙂 I love that you are posting more and keeping us up to date about her progress. I am so happy she has improved so much lately!

    Do you think it’s the HBOT or the stem cells?

    Isn’t Suzy eating a lot more by mouth these days? If you want, let’s talk about the nutritional stuff, I can send you some info about the vitamins/supplements we’re giving Nathan and even if you can’t do the diet, you can give her some of the supplements.

    HAHAHAhahahaha… I’ll join you as a lady of the night…HEHEHE… we are so broke it’s awful. But somehow we will find a way. We are mother warrriors!

    Night time hours do totally count as tummy time. But the Australian guys reccommended taking Nate out of a crib and putting him on a gym mat so he can move around more while he sleeps. In the crib they’re confined and can’t move. Whereas in a gym mat on the floor they can move more even while they sleep and that’s input going into the brain, even if they’re asleep.

    Anyways, gimme a call when you are settled back in and have a chance to chat, I would love to chitchat!


  10. EMBelieve says

    Hello Marcela,
    I met you in Montreal during the ABR training. I also read your blog. You have put together an interesting combination of therapies for Nathan’s rehabilitation. I am happy to hear that you all had a great day yesterday!


  11. nataliecerpa says

    Hi Marce,
    It’s me Nat…I check in often & love to hear about Nathan’s progress. I miss you all!


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