Yes, you read right – we’re home!

His potassium went up from 2.8 to 4.7, his heart went from 65 to about 105, and he hasn’t vomited since last night!

Something is still not right with him, however. He has continued complaining. Something’s hurting him but we don’t know what. He hasn’t spent a minute today without whining.

We think it might be muscular – laying down for 6 days might’ve created awful tightness. He is in agony. Tylenol doesn’t seem to be doing the trick. If it’s not muscular, we have no idea what could be causing him this much pain.

Please keep praying for him – this isn’t over yet! Thank you!!!!


  1. still praying…warm bath for muscles? gentle massage?
    Glad you guys made it home

  2. God Bless him, my prayers are with him he will get soon with the blessing of God

  3. What an ordeal. Glad things are stabalizing. Being at home will no doubt help everyone feel better.

  4. So happy to hear that you guys are finally home. As a tween/teen, I had low potassium levels, to the extent that I had to take daily meds to help raise m level. I can recall extremely painful muscle pains especially in my legs. Like Sally suggested, give Nathan a nice warm bath and follow with a massage. This may just be the miracle cure for his pain releif.



  5. Marcela,
    been following along and I’m so glad you guys are all back home again. Been sending prayers and light for all of you.

    Maybe for the stiffness you could try the Traumeel for Nathan? Also, just a thought to try to get as much good stuff into him as possible – if you’re still nursing, you could pump some breastmilk for him and put it in a shake. I give some to Moxie whenever I remember to pump.
    take care,


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