Horse Therapy and Music Class

Nathan is doing much better. He is healing. We never did get in to see the doctor because he started feeling and acting better. My diagnosis: cold with severe food allergy. We cleaned up his diet and things improved, and now we’re using our typical repertoire of homeopathics and vitamin C to get him all healed up.

Owen and I are firm believers that Nathan feels better and heals faster is life goes on as normal. So unless he is seriously ill, we continue to take him out and about, we send him to school, etc. The joy and entertainment of these activities I believe take his mind off his misery and help him recover quickly.

So we sent him to horse therapy yesterday and music class today. He LOVED them both!

Guess who’s now riding the horse all by himself?? Yes, you guessed right.


Although he still doesn’t have much control and requires almost a max assist, his horse therapist believed he was ready to ride alone, and for her to remove some support and give him more control. So far it’s much more work for him but he seems to really enjoy riding.

When he got on the horse yesterday he was just so tight, his adductors and arms were incredibly rigid. Mrs Becky worked hard on getting him to hold the saddle and hold himself so that his arms would relax. The child I got back after 30 minutes on the horse felt like a different child – his arms finally lowered and relaxed, his hips were wide open, and his muscle tone felt so much better all over.

I am begging and pleading them to give him more time. I think if we can get Nathan on that horse at least 3 times a week we’d see him getting stronger. They told me they’d get back to me soon. I hope I hope I hope!

Oh and while Nathan rode, Belle had a photoshot modeling one of the dresses that Great Grandma Celia made for her!


Today we went to music class with both kids. Both of them love it so much – Nathan much more than Belle. He LIGHTS UP when he sees the place and beams through the whole class. And cries when they start singing the good bye song because he doesn’t want it to end.

Another SN mom told me about this program – so I thought I’d pass it on. It’s called Kindermusik. They have classes all over. It’s a WONDERFUL program and great for both of the kids….plus it’s something they can do together!

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Oh and here’s a video of Nathan in music therapy this week before Lucas barked and scared him:

I know this doesn’t seem like much of an achievement but for Nathan it’s an inchstone, his arms are so spastic and dystonic, his hands too, that it’s incredibly hard for him to use them at all. So for him to be able to have both his hands open and to strum the guitar up and down takes a LOT! Oh the joy of inchstones.


  1. Hi. Our youngest son has issues similar to Nathan. I have been reading your blog for several weeks now. Our son is very hypotonic and needs support like Nathan. We were thinking about horse therapy but were worried that he did not have enough muscle control. After seeing your post today I think we will try it out! Thanks!!

  2. Your dog – oh, my! Loved all the parts of this post.

  3. Hi Josh, thanks for stopping by it’s nice to meet you and your family, Kade is a cutey, I do hope you try hippotherapy it is wonderful and usually the kids love it, even if it didn’t benefit Nathan I would still do it for the enjoyment element.  Good luck finding a place to do it!

  4. I have been encouraging the concept of how horse
    and music therapies can parallel at times which
    I call “THE BEAT” (Heart Hoof Drum).
    You article highlights the positives of both
    horse and music. Thanks, Phil Waigand
    “THE BEAT”(Heart Hoof Drum)

  5. Forgot to add, please just think about possibly sharing one
    of his favorite songs in music class and playing
    it in horse therapy, if feasible and desirable.
    Thanks, Phil

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