How to lose 6 lbs in 1 day

Step 1. Start by vomiting your guts out in the middle of the night
Step 2. Add in some diarrhea
Step 3. Do not eat anything because anything you eat ends up as Step 1 or Step 2
Step 4. Drink lots of water to flush your system and stay hydrated
Step 5. Weight yourself after 24 hours – voila!
Step 6. Pray you stay sick so you can keep losing weight!


You can get creative, come up with more ideas for Nathan’s Dynavox, win that super cool XBOX with Kinect, and lose 6 llbs in one day by wiggling your body all day.

Watcha waiting for? Come on, throw in your 2 cents!

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  1. I’ve been that sick before and being a mommy doesn’t help. I lost 12lbs once but gained it all back right away. Heck I’ve gained 20lbs since Vera’s been born, don’t know how but it’s making me mad.
    HoPE you are feeling better soon, It seems like alot of people are sick, just stay away from us.

    My brother got really sick once because he was on a plane where someone was getting really sick and then he ended up getting it a couple days later, this is when he was working for nascar and everyone else that was on the same flight with him got sick, not good to have your whole Pit Crew sick.

    I’m hoping nthing comes are way I don’t know what I would do. Nick works all the time and he’s never ever home. If we get sick no one wants to come and help. My mom would but she still having problems with her arm she broke months back and her Hydrocephalus, having really bad headaches.

    Take Care

  2. Hmmm, by my choosing to breastfeed Nathaniel, I am now 24lbs lighter than I was when I got pregnant. And only 14lbs away from my ideal weight. It has taken me 24 years and 8 kiddos later to make it to this point. And I’m loving it! WooHoo, a reason FINALLy to buy a new wardrobe! 🙂

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