Hug a Little Tighter


Today, a child whose journey I’ve followed from the beginning is getting ready to start a new journey.  His mom, like me, was a warrior – she fought hard to give her son every possible opportunity in this world.  Against all odds, he started walking and was doing SO MUCH.  And today he is saying his goodbyes.

Today, I am hugging Nathan tighter.  Today, I will be whispering in his ear how deeply I appreciate his presence in our life.  Today, I will simply enjoy him, without worrying, without fighting for him.

Yesterday, I turned 33.  I still feel 25, I wonder if that will ever change?  And all I really wanted on my birthday was to hang out with my family.  I spent time with the kids, played with them, and simply appreciated them.  It was such a great birthday, I feel so blessed.

The journey continues.

Nathan’s hip surgery has been scheduled for this coming Tuesday.  Who knows if it will actually happen but we are getting ready for it.

And for now, Nathan is at home.  When his nurse went to school this Monday, the school told her she wasn’t allowed in the same building with him.  This endangers Nathan’s well-being, so we are keeping him home until we can come up with an alternate plan.  I’ve got some wonderful friends helping me with a media outreach campaign.  Rich, our amazing Special Needs Lawyer, is also fighting on our behalf.

And so it goes.  Another year, another journey.

Today, I am grateful.  Hug your family close today.



  1. Have you seen the someecard “I’m 30 but I still feel like I am 20… until I hang out with 20 year olds… then I’m like, nope, never mind, I’m 30.” 😉 Hehe.

    Hanging out with the family sounds like the *perfect* way to celebrate a birthday–then again, I am 31. 😉 Happy belated birthday!

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