Hurray for MamaTerapeuta

Our stay in Santiago so far has been wonderful mostly thanks to MamaTerapeuta. They’ve driven us around town to help us get oriented, they’ve taken us out on outings, they helped us move apartments, took us shopping to buy food so we’d be fed over the weekend, they’ve helped us find a preschool and a nanny. They’ve been so kind! How amazing it is to come to a foreign country and have so much help! (Thanks to the Ives too who did the same for us in Canada – we are lucky to meet such wonderful people!).

Their daughter Rocio is an absolute doll, sweet and smart and just beautiful. Nathan loves her and tries to grab her any chance she gets, but she’s coy and gets a bit upset if he grabs her. If we’re in the car together, one of us has to sit in the middle between them so as to prevent Nathan from harassing her. He really likes her.

We’ve talked non-stop about all sorts of things related to our kids…and man, it’s been nice. In LA we don’t really know anyone who’s got a disabled child and is into alternative medicine so it’s a bit isolating. Here in Santiago we’ve been hanging out with Sonia and we also met Karen and her beautiful son Osvaldo. It’s SO NICE to have people around who speak your language!!!!

Yesterday we went to the outskirts of Santiago to a little lake surrounded by hills. It was BEAUTIFUL. We had such a lovely time, it was quiet and peaceful and just lovely. We watched the lake, chilled, and had a wonderful meal before returning home. Another lovely experience. I hope you’re not getting bored of hearing me say day in and day out how lovely our days have been – but they have! Mostly thanks to our wonderful friends MamaTerapeuta, PapaTerapeuta, and Rocio.

And on a final note, we found a nanny today!!!! She started this morning and is great! She is from Peru and is working in Chile. Nathan really likes her and right this minute she is reading him a story and he is enjoying.

And now we have to go to Medek. No camera yet so no photos, but I promise to get some pics up as soon as I have my camera!


  1. Hey, what a title!!! It as been really fun for us as well!!! I’m enjoying our trips and conversations at least as much as you are 🙂

    Wait for Granjaventura and our ABR barbacue next sunday! You’ll have the chance to talk with several moms 🙂

    And I think Rocio pretty soon will be trying to grap Nathan as well, she just needs to know him better 😉

  2. Marcela,

    I just thought I’d check the site and see if your were posting in Chile. I am so happy for you two! It sounds like a really great place to be right now. Now I’m dying to try body talk;)

  3. Que bueno marcela que lo esten pasando bien,la verdad que siento un poco de pena no tener el tiempo para compartir más con ustedes y vivir lejos de donde se encuentra.
    Conocerlos ha sido una experiencia muy enriquezedora ver a natahn me ha llenado de felicidad ver que disfruta día a día minuto a minuto me llena de paz y esperanza para mirar el futuro de Osvaldo.Despues de nuestro encuentro me he sentido mucho más feliz ,espero puedan venir a vernos yo hare lo posible por ir a visitarlos hoy tiene medico cardiologo y mañana teleton y visita al pediatra el miercoles creo estaremos más libres bueno estamos en contacto.


  4. so glad that everything is ‘lovely’. I’m thrilled to hear that mamaT is taking care of you both.
    I wish I was there.
    Should I be there??

    I’m always thinking about you, and hoping you’re not feeling too yucky with this pregnancy.


  5. Marcela,que bueno que estes a gusto en Chile ,y que Nathan disfrute de sus paseos con Rocio,me alegra que te sientas tán bién acogida.espero pronto verlos,y recuerda mi ofrecimiento para que guardes los mejores momentos de Nathan con Medek y en nuestro país,cariños.

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