I am home

My little Chilean hospital adventure is now mostly over (I have to return tomorrow for IV treatments, I still have the IV line open). I got home about 30 min’s ago from the hospital from what it turned out to be my first hospitalization in my adult life (other than giving birth). It seems I picked up a bug in the water or food that caused severe infection in my intestines, spleen, and stomach. The actual diagnosis was Acute Infective Gastroenteritis. The good news is that this has almost no chance of affecting the baby, whose heartbeat was strong and growth still measured very good. The bad news is that it was a pretty traumatic experience for us both as the fevers would get quite high and I’d get awful chills, pain in my body, and vomiting and diarrhea. I was at the hospital for a total of 52 hours with virtually no sleep so you can imagine how shattered I am.

I was completely moved and blown away by the outpouring of kindness and support that we encountered during this ordeal. Sonia visited and spent several hours at the hospital every day, Cybell spent the nights with Nathan (and her husband Patricio stepped in to drive her and to take care of their daughter), Denise the nanny took complete care of Nathan during the day, and I had so many people calling and checking on us that it was incredible. Ramon’s son Alexis went over to the hospital to check on me, and Ramon’s daughter Claudia called several times a day to see how we were doing. Ulla and her son Yussef came to visit at the hospital and Tia Pao and Tia Bernie from Nathan’s preschool and many of our new Chilean friends called many times to check on us. I felt so supported in a situation which would’ve otherwise been impossible. My deep gratitude to everyone who called, helped, emailed, visited and prayed for us. I am so very very grateful to all of you. I can’t tell you all how much I appreciate every little bit of support and help that you offered.

Even though it was hard to feel so sick, I am grateful for what I went through as it allowed me to appreciate even more the incredibly wonderful people that we have around us.

Now I am on bed rest for the weekend but thrilled to be home! When Nathan woke up from his nap and heard that I was home he was positively radiant. He was laughing and smiling and I could just see how thrilled he was that mommy was there for him again! All is well now and I am hoping to enjoy a couple of days of rest.

Thanks again to everyone who supported us through this experience!


  1. ¡¡¡gracias a Dios ya estas en casa con Nathan!!!lo peor ya pasó para tí y Max,ahora a disfrutar y descansa en casa con Nathan,imagino su carita de felicidad al verte,pero debo decir que se comportó como un principe,me alegro que todo salió bién,un abrazo.

  2. Oh my goodness! I had no idea you were so sick. I am glad that it was nothing that could affect the baby. I’ll be saying some prayers for your speedy recovery.

  3. Que bueno que todo pasó, que no ha afectado al bebé y que tuviste tanto apoyo, estando Sonia cerca no me extraña, es una exelente amiga. Descansa y recuperate pronto para disfrutar mas de Chile y tu familia.

  4. Marcela, it was my pleassure! 🙂 Lástima que no me pude robar a Nathan una noche, jeje.

    Me imagino cómo se le deben haber iluminado sus ojitos cuando te vio!!!!!!! A disfrutar de un tranquilo y regaloneado finde.

    (Gracias, Kenia, cuando quieras te vienes a enfermar acá jajaja)

  5. I’m so glad you’re on your way to recovery. We were so happy to hear from you last nght.

    You need to take care of yourself. Even super mommies get sick:) Nathan & Baby Max need you. Feel better y cuidate. Love and hugs Laura Marcos & Maxx

  6. Glad you are home and feeling better. It must have been so frightening being so sick and away from home.
    Glad to see your Chile stay is working out well and Nathan is responding to CME.
    Please say Hi to Ramon from us, last year at this time we were in Montreal for a 2 1/2 week intensive with Ramon.

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