I lied

Not on purpose.

It’s just that…after saying farewell…I realized, I’m not ready to give up this blog! I enjoy it too much!

So a couple of people suggested – compromise!

Just change your frequency, intensity and duration – blog shorter, less often, and without feeling so responsible. Have I every mentioned common sense isn’t my forte? Or that I tend to live in extremes? If I haven’t, I bet you’ve figured it out by now 😉

So anyways, my plan is to continue this blog, but taking it easy.

So today, I leave you with this video:


  1. How freakin’ cool is THAT?!!!! I love seeing him eat by himself. What a little Wonder Boy.

    And I’m glad you are not leaving us! We would miss you and your children so much (even though I was still planning to ‘bug’ you).

    We missed you this weekend. But we understand.
    We didn’t even go to Sea World. or do much of anything. Suzy was so tired from the travel and the treatment. We just napped.
    I met some amazing families with some amazing cell success stories while there (check out my blog). I’m not ready to ever give up on stem cells. Point – we will be back to CA in about 5 months.

    Love you guys.

  2. I knew it!

  3. maria martin says

    I knew it !!! too :)). Two days ago I wanted to write to you that I understand you but now I opened your page being very sure that I will find a post 🙂 I am glad you lied:)

  4. maria martin says

    very cute Nathan ! brava Nathan.

  5. This is what I have done since Jackson was born–my blog and computer time in general is basically nil, but in the big picture, I’m loving all the time I’m spending with my boys!

  6. Eugenia says

    You are funny!!!! I am happy you lied 🙂

    Way to go Nathan!!!!


  7. Yay!!! You Lied!!!:) I’m so happy you’re sticking around. Nate is too cute and how cool is he eating all by himself like the big boy he now is!!! Luv U:)

  8. Que lindo video!!!, ya estas tan grande Nathan, me sorprendí cuando lo ví y lo encontré genial con el pollo en la mano. Les mandamos un gran abrazo y besitos a los niños

  9. Laura G says

    Horray!!! I was pretty sure you couldn’t really stay away. But have to admit I was sad at the idea. I love following your journey but please don’t ever feel obligated to respond to all your messages. I don’t think anyone leaves them wit the expectation of getting a response…although I have enjoyed connecting with you. Your determination and dedication are an inspiration!

    AND the Nathan eating by himself is beyond words!!! How sweet it is!


  10. Cybell says

    Marce eres tán divertida,que no aguante mi risa cuándo me llevé la sorpresa de este nuevo post,eres tán natural para contar las cosas que me encanta.
    El video de Nathan esta buenissimo!!! e imagino que és la abuela quién tán emocionada relata lo sucedido,eso y ver a Nathan comiendo con tantas ganas y muuuuuy coordinado me pareció extraordinario,muy lindo el video.
    Un abrazo.

  11. OMG that is funny, Ryland does that with ribs when we go out to eat at Famous Daves. Nathan really enjoys he eating. I hoping we can get him doing it more ever since him losing his 2 bottom teeth and his surgery he hasn’t wanted to eat by mouth or even take a bottle.

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