I need a favor

Last Saturday, Sonia, Rocio, Eduardo, Nathan and I went to a park here in Santiago. We were very surprised when we saw that they had a special needs swing, and 3 or 4 other play areas specially for kids with special needs. There was a sign saying it was ONLY for kids with special needs but all kids were playing there. Nathan and Rocio got a chance to play alongside typical kids and they had a BLAST. In one of the games, we were able to park both their wheelchairs while the other kids made them go around and around in circles. It was beautiful.

Sonia is circulating a petition to request for more parks like this one throughout Chile. I think it is a wonderful idea and one that I hope to replicate back in the States. But for now, I would be so grateful if everybody signed this petition:


It will help them in their campaign for more inclusive parks in Chile. Thank you very much!!!


  1. Thanks!!!! We really had a wonderfull time there and kids not only in Chile, but everywhere have the right to play no matter what their capabilities are!

    (me salió muy enredado el inglés, será que es muy tarde?)

  2. Done!

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