I want snap peas!

The highlight of the day was Nathan using the Dynavox Eyemax. It was soooo cool to watch!

We started him with the choice between: books, toys, and food.

He chose books to begin with. Once he got into the books screen, he had the choice between 2 books. Nathan loves monkeys so he chose the monkey book like 4 times. He knows what he wants!

Then we moved on to a screen that had toys, and in that screen, they added a box saying “I Want” and then the toys. Unfortunately I didn’t catch this on film, but he said, “I want” and then “car”. How cool is that! Once again, he chose that 2 or 3 times. He’s really into the movie “cars” and since then he’s been really enjoying playing with toy cars.

Afterwards we went to a screen where he could choose between toys and food. That boy is so food motivated! You’ll see in the screens below that he kept choosing the “snap peas” over and over and over. The lady that was doing the demo sorta indicated that she didn’t think Nathan knew what he was doing – but I know my boy! He knows what he wants and he goes right for it!

The Dynavox rep wanted to “guide him” to do what she wanted him to do. In fact she didn’t think it was such a successful trial because he wouldn’t follow directions. But I know Nathan – he is impatient, opinionated and stubborn. He simply knew what he wanted and that’s what he wanted – forget what WE wanted him to do. I think it was a great trial and how awesome if he can have this device to let us know what he thinks, wants, etc!!

I am SO excited about this new development and just joyful beyond belief at the possibility of Nathan being able to tell us what he wants and needs!

We also went to Napa today – he’s about to finish his Tomatis Intensive – and he did really well. Genie LOVES him and thinks he’s the greatest kid ever.

I also went for my first session of BodyTalk – I LOVE IT! It was so cool! They did it on me so I could learn how it works before I learn and do it on him. It was pretty interesting. They used muscle testing to see how the body was working. 2 things came up for him – Through my body they were able to see signs that I tend to repress emotions too much. So some body functions were impaired because of this. Additionally, there was a lot of stress regarding decision making – hmmm, I wonder why! But overall I got a glimpse of the power of this modality and am excited to learn and use it on Nathan on a daily basis.

Enjoy the videos!


  1. so exciting!!! I bet you can’t wait to see what’s on his mind!!

  2. Wow, it opens the whole world of possibilities!
    So exciting for you, guys!

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