If I had to do it all over again

I would pray my heart out all over again, and ask everyone to pray

I believe Nathan’s life and health is because of the outpouring of prayers he received after the pre-natal diagnosis. Those 4 weeks of prayers changed everything for him! He was diagnosed at 36 weeks gestation because he had stopped moving and growing. So we asked everyone to pray and everything changed!

I would ask for 2nd opinions

It was my trust in Nathan’s neurosurgeons reputation that made me believe I didn’t need a 2nd opinion. And this misplaced trust led to so much suffering and damage in Nathan’s early days. So if I could do it all over again, I would get a 2nd opinion about EVERYTHING, then make my own decisions based on the information presented by the doctors.

I would’ve avoided dairy and made his baby food at home

At that time I didn’t know much about nutrition so we gave him regular formula and then when we started eating, we just gave him the regular jars of baby food. For Belle I plan on skipping dairy altogether and making our own baby food.

I would’ve started him with alternative therapies right away

I would’ve enrolled him in early intervention but supplemented this right away with alternative therapies. I would’ve started him with craniosacral since birth. I woudl’ve started him on G-therapy immediately. I would’ve started with the cold laser immediately. And at a few months I would’ve started him on ABR, ABM and CME. Oh if only I’d know about all of this sooner!

I would’ve stimulated him and treated him as much as possible like a normal kid

Which is exactly what we did. We took him out everywhere with us. We travelled with him. We exposed him to the world. We made sure he enjoyed life as much as possible, and still continue to do so. In this regard – I wouldn’t change anything!

I wouldn’t have wasted so much time worrying

When Nathan was smaller I suffered so much. I worried about whether he would live, and if he lived, what quality of life would he have, what would be his future. I worried that I wasn’t doing enough for him, and how would he be doing if I did more. I worried about what would happen as he got bigger and we couldn’t carry him. I worried about him developing medical and orthopedic problems. I worried so much! If I could do it all over again, I would enjoy him more and know that as things arose I would deal with them. Worry is so useless! It’s the most useless of minds!

I would’ve taken better care of myself

I was so focused on Nathan that I would allow myself to become completely depleted, which would then make it hard for me to function. If I could do it all over again, I would make sure I was taking time for myself, enjoying life, and not forgetting to live my own life to the fullest.

What about you? What would you do if you could do it all over again?


  1. I think you are such an amazing mom, and ever since I met you, I’ve been amazed at all the things you have done!

    I cant even think about the things I would’ve done differently, there’s things I want to be doing differently now. It seems like there is always more that I want to do then there is time, money, and energy. But I always try to keep my family happy and having fun as a top priority. You are right that it is so important not to forget to live and enjoy this life.

  2. I’d like to second the worrying less thing. Gosh, all that wasted energy.

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