If I knew then what I know now…

…what would I do differently?

I would’ve taken more time out for myself and made self-care a priority.

I would’ve stressed/worried a LOT less. Stress is such a waste of time and energy and in the end it accomplishes nothing.

I would’ve kept Nathan on his belly most of the time.

I would’ve paid a LOT more attention to his food and I wouldn’t teach him to eat sugar or junk food.

I would’ve gone straight to Dr. Dituro from the moment of Nathan’s birth. I would’ve known that Western medicine doesn’t have much to offer and wouldn’t have wasted so much time trying to gain answers from Western medicine. I woud’ve instead relied on alternative treatments from the beginning.

I would’ve started ABR long ago.

I would’ve paid more attention to my relationship with Owen and made date nights and “us” time a priority.

I would’ve worked a lot lot less and seen myself and my time as Nathan’s biggest resource, not the things I could offer him as a fruit of my work.

I would NEVER trust doctors. I would know to trust and rely myself above doctors and I would’ve made many medical choices differently.

I know we can’t turn back time and in general there’s not much I would change from my journey with Nathan. Sometimes when I’m talking to friends and reminiscing and telling stories I find myself saying, gosh, if only I’d known that back then. So I thought I’d share some of the things I wish I’d known.

What things do you wish you’d known back then? What do you think would’ve changed/improved your journey if you’d only known it sooner?

I know everything happens in due time and certain things prepare us for others etc…. But just for the sake of conversation…

Speak Your Mind