If Nathan could talk…

…I wonder what he would say?

* He you b#($tch give me some ice cream and chocolate NOW!
* Can we go sky diving mommy please?
* Mommy can we live in the swimming pool?
* Daddy gave me cookies last night (busted!!!)
* Mommy we’ve been home 3 whole days, can we go on vacation now please?

What do you think? Get inside Nathan’s head and tell me what you think he’d say!


  1. You’re the best mommy in the world!!!

  2. Thats funny! I laughed out loud at the last one, you can totaly see in his expressions that he loves to go places & has never met a stranger:)

  3. I forgot to mention that I gave you a lemonade award!

  4. Mommy, can we please get a soy chai latte pleeeease!!!

  5. Mami, puedes llevarme a saludar a mis amiguitos chilenos?, wow, que maravilla, besos, Karym

  6. I’ll venture a guess that he would say, I’m so glad to be home!

  7. Yo mom! how bout NO MORE SUPPLEMENTS!:)

  8. I want to watch TV!!!!

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