Inching forward

And his reward…

And here he is, learning to communicate with his dynavox

While we work on getting the eye gaze, he is learning 2 switch scanning.

In the meantime, Belle zooms forward:

I am one proud momma.

Yes, the “crawling” isn’t pretty, he’s not really down on hands and knees. But he is MOVING. Do you guys know how long I’ve dreamed of seeing Nathan moving in any way, shape or form?

Once his brain understands that he can use his body to get where/what he wants, I think it will kindle his will which will then give him a motivation to work hard in therapy. Up until now he has never moved on his own. Now he can kick his feet and GO! I am sooo happy! And even if this doesn’t lead to anything … it’s SOMETHING he can do!!!

Part of me was thinking today…great, now we have to get his hands and knees on the floor…but NO. I am going to sit on my laurels and ENJOY this inchstone of Nathan’s! Good job Nathan, you are amazing!!!

And some more pics of Belle:


  1. So glad you decided to continue to post so I can see all the amazing progress the kids are making! Way to go Nathan and Belle!

  2. Of course you’re proud mama. You have beautiful daughter and amazing son!

  3. awesome- totally awesome & you right, it does’nt have to be pretty to be movement!

  4. I love seeing Nathan move like that–especially since he’s moving his legs independently of one another. Such a great thing.

  5. Marcel, thank you for sharing this video of the crawling trainer. That is exactly how Paxson is moving, not much going on with his arms but he loves bicycle kicking, so something like this might be perfect for him, I’m going to ask the therapist about it today!
    Both your children are beauties!

  6. Cybell says

    Oh Nathan,que veloz corres!!!!!
    Te vés precioso en tu arrastrador,me encanta verte con ese entusiasmo lo estas haciendo genial!!! y como si fuera poco luego te diviertes jugando con papá,estas muuuy lindo,dile a tu hermanita que esta guapisima y a tu mamá dile que obvio que se tiene que sentir orgullosa….por tener dos niños encantadores!!!
    Un beso mi niño y otro para Belle.

  7. Yay!! Go Nathan! I completely understand your joy at this amazing acheivement. I too would give anything for Billee to move in some shape or form on her own across the floor. I might get her the crawler. We just got the childrite bumbo and I ordered some switches and toys from a special needs store in the US. By the way Belle is beautiful!

  8. go nathan go! yep, that’s how fletch does it too, all lets little to no arms. but, like you said, it’s movement!

    kids look great. belle’s getting bigger. audrey turns one next week (and is taking 3 to 4 independent steps the last day or so!). time flies with our girls, huh.

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