Today I read a book called “Your Inner Physican and You”, written by John Upledger, the guy who invented CranioSacral therapy. It was FASCINATING. For anyone who is interested in learning more about central nervous system function and how to improve overall physical and emotional health – I highly recommend this book.

Here are some of the highlights for me:

* Chronic conditions may be caused by subtle physical conditions such as positioning of the spine, skull bones, etc. For example, he describes reducing spasticity by working on cranial bones and the sacrum.

* There are emotional components to physical health. He describes a technique called somatoemotional release. By working with his hands he descovers areas of the body that have retained emotional trauma leading to imbalances.

* Subconscious memories can have very deep, long-lasting effects. He describes many stories of working with patients who’d had experiences when they were very young (one as young as 2 days old), and what they heard and felt changed their physical health for the rest of their lives. Think of all the things we do and say around our children that we don’t even think twice about?

* Intention matters. He describes the difference between healers is their intention and the belief in their work. He talks about healers who don’t really believe they can help, so they don’t. Then he talks about healers who have a profound belief in their work, so they have miraculous results. Intention also relates to the patient himself, therapists, parents, caretakers, etc. If we believe the person will not get better, it is likely he won’t. If we believe he will, he has a much greater chance of improvements.

* He talks a lot about hands-on healing and directional healing. He talks about simply using his hands to heal, without using specific craniosacral techniques. He describes feeling his hands heat up, and with this heat comes healing. He claims he has measured this heat and electrical responses when using his hands for healing and can scientifically proof the effect of hands-on healing. He also describes “directional healing” which means putting one hand on one side of the wound, and the other around the wound, and ‘sending” energy from one had to the other. This apparently causes healing.

Reading this book answers many questions I’ve recently been asking myself. Specifically:

– Why so some therapies work so well for one child, then you take another child and the therapy doesn’t help at all?

– Why do these very subtle therapies work so profoundly? ABR, Rolfing, ABM – they are all so subtle. Now I understand better. They are using energy to activate and strengthen the body. Most importantly they use energy to ignite the body’s self healing responses.

– Reading this book has given me a much better udnerstanding of ABR. This is exactly what ABR is – feeding the body and cells with energy. No wonder ABR is so effective!

– Why do I have to work on so many levels with Nathan? Because the body is so complex, and when the “quarterback” (the brain) doesn’t work, many things start to malfunction. If the craniosacral system isn’t working properly, many other bodily functions are negatively affected.

– Upldedger describes our Inner Physician – he claims we all have an inner physician that can help us heal. This is an innate desire to heal and improve. If you combine this inner physician with brain plasticity – then you can conclude that the body/brain always wants to learn and to improve. So what the lady from the Carter Centers told me about kids with holoprosencephaly not being able to improve – baloney. Perhaps it may require more effort and time and intensity – but kids with HPE are human and have craniosacral systems and inner physicians like everybody else, and the body’s tendency is to strive for healing. So if we provide opportunities, they will improve.

I have to admit I feel excited, encouraged, and so grateful that this book fell into my hands recently! I am more motivated and excited than I’ve been in a while!


  1. :-))))) Your highlights refreshed mine. I read this book almost 4 years ago. Oliver was 2,5month old when he took his first session. It was hard to find a therapists who would work with a baby and such a baby. Finally, one of the best therapist in our country with the best references from the Upledger institut helped us. He was traveling 300 km to the hospital to heal Oliver and likely he knew a girl who was also very good, so she worked with Oliver during the peak week. I am sure that prayers saved OLiver’s life and CST improved it. It would be a long post what happened during the first session and afterwards. And Upledger confirmed my feeling that how someone can heal my child when he doesn’t believe Oliver can manage something. After reading that book I asked that question many doctors and therapists.

  2. ,.sabes que hace tiempo no mucho he leido en un comentario de face de una amiga acerca de la t. craneosacral y busque un poco pero no encontre mucho ella dice que la utiliza pero no m explico mas y ahora que leo esto que has escrito es muy cierto y mas como puedes establecer una analogia con ABR me encanta! pues la eficacia de una terapia radica en el tiempo que la hagas pero tambien la FE y la energia que pongas en ella, y que cierto lo del medico interno, solo hay que ofrecer oportunidades de progresar, al igual que tĂș me animo mucho a seguir, gracias por compartir de una manera muy ligera y clara lo que es la t. craneosacral.

    pd si sabes de alguien que haga t. craneosacral en LA ojala m puedas compartir de ella.

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