Inspiration – Supreme Diapers!

Okay I did have a moment of inspiration:

Costco Kirkland Supreme Diapers!

Why are these adapted? Well, I’ve noticed this phenomena here in Chile. Every couple of hours our friends run to the bathroom to change their kid’s diapers. They’ll ask us – don’t you need to change Nathan? Our answer is always – No, he’s good. Then the diapers we brought with us from the US ran out and we understood the phenomena – all of the diapers here leak after a couple of hours! And I remembered that when Nathan was younger he had a TON of accidents.

Then, Nathan’s uncle Brian recommended the Costco diapers. We were hesitant to buy diapers in bulk but hey, we figured we’d try. We were amazed to find that they are implacable – they last hours and hours, stay dry, and nothing leaks! Needless to say, Owen brought a whole bunch of them with him to us here in Chile.

So my contribution to Adapted Tuesday is – buy these diapers! You will have a lot less worry and hassle when it comes to diaper changes!

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