Midnight found Owen and I sipping wine in the spa while the kids slept inside the house. Minutes before we had seen the biggest, longest falling star of my entire life. It was pure beauty.

What a sight to behold! A sign of things to come? We vowed to make 2011 our best year yet.

And you know what? It will be. I know it will. Because through our intentions we create our future.

I’ve always known the power of intention. Too many times I’ve witnessed that if I held on to an intention strong and fast, in time it would come true. Not in my time, but in the Universe’s time.

When Nathan was young, I held on tight to the intention of fixing Nathan. I knew without a doubt I could do it. Because I was true to the power of intention, it was as real to me as my beating heart. But what I only recently learned is that the power of intention only works in relation to ourselves. We cannot hold the intention to change others, only to change ourselves.

So even though I failed in fixing Nathan I have learned to use intention to focus on healing myself. To heal the wounds in my heart, the old sorrows, angers, unfairness.

You can see that I marked 2010 as the year of Healing. I sprinkled words like “Open your Heart”, “Revitalize”, “Structural Integration”, “Simplify your life”, “The power of play”, “Pure Bliss”. It was my intention to experience a transformation.

And since I created the vision board in April, I have been in the midst of transformation indeed. So much of what I wished for and put into images in my vision board has and is happening.

Intention creates your world. The intentions you hold in your heart are what create the people and experiences in your life. I hope you will join me this year in setting powerful intentions for yourself.

Last year I cleaned and purified. I worked through so many wounds and hurts. I faced Nathan’s disability and learned much deeper acceptance. The debri has been cleared and I feel like a blank slate.

A brand spanking clean white canvas ready for an explosion of color and beauty. Ready for joy, laughter, peace, and growth. Ready to embrace happiness.

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